Monday, October 11, 2010

Dalai Lama to The Rescue

The arrival of the fall must have's this season was extremely depressing for me . Almost every where , everyone was screaming about how fur is a must have . This might look a little superficial coming from a person living in a tropical country ,who might not understand the necessity of fur in colder countries , but i can never see how killing innocent animals can be justified, Or how one soul is considered superior to another hence making it absolutely ok to kill.

Just posting one of those horror videos about animal farming for fur would be sufficient for my site to be termed Adults only or too violent for Kids tag that google gives out.More than 45 million animals worldwide are killed each year for their fur , Not only are cage-raised animals killed inhumanely, but they suffer from numerous physical abnormalities induced by the stress of caging conditions. After spending their short lived life's in squalid conditions,animals raised in fur farms are killed by cruel methods that preserve the pelt,such as gassing , neck-breaking and anal electrocution.

The most significant reason why using animal fur for clothes is a fashion crime is because fashion does not hurt 

Picture courtesy Latha Naidu and the cute little boy dressed as Dalai Lama is her nephew, Latha also happens to be a huge animal lover , and was generous enough to spend some time taking pictures with her cutest bunnies ,for someone who's always cribbing about her camera she sure has done a fab job . 


  1. such well-shot pix!!! n of course, nothing can ever justify taking a should never be d reason for killing an innocent animal who has no ways of defending itself from such inhuman humans.....that is disrespecting life & disrespecting fashion...

  2. They're beautiful. Didn't he mind being dressed up like that? And I think these photos are as effective as any animal gore video would have been, I guess both take you towards compassion in their own ways. :)

  3. OMG CUTE!
    Yes, I agree with you 100% Being a vegetarian, I don't agree with the use of fur in clothes...what good does it do any way? OR testing of animals by cosmetics company. DONT buy L'oreal or Lancome...they are one of the biggest companies which still test on animals.

  4. the pics are reely cute...the kid nd the rabbit!!!
    awesome post...luved it!!!

  5. this is going to be my favourite post for sometime..
    and as far as fur is concerned- i hate fur!

  6. Absolutely intelligent and thought provoking post.
    And our lil Dalai Lama is the best Ad model PETA could ever have! :D
    Good job Latha and Smrithi.
    Very inspiring!

  7. Goodness!! Bundle of cuteness!! So precious! :) I hate fur too. Will never get the real fur even if I were to live in freezing upstates! faux are there!

  8. Finally! Neat work/concept/photos! Was wondering how come you didn't get hit a photographer to showcase your work.

  9. simply adorable!! :-) ... keep posting Miss Rao!

  10. Ohhhh tooooo beautiful!!!! These photos are so divne, in the true sense of that word.

    Fur is an interesting issue. I understand why it needed to be worn thousands of years ago in the cold climes but now? as a fashion statement... after everything we know and have become aware about... I cannot understand why the western fashion industry insists on its hypocrisy.

    Having said that... I have vintage furs given to me by my mother-in-law (my mother had two in the 60s but gave them away in the 70s) and I cannot get myself to throw them away. There is no such organisation here that will take old furs and do something new and humane with them.
    ...I cannot throw them away because more so than the sentimental value, I somehow feel I am disrespecting the spirit of the animal that died in vain [literally].

    AND... is faux fur just as bad?? I mean in terms of symbolic behaviour?

  11. @Dusk, It's really sad though , how some people think it's Ok to kill exotic animals just to have the handbag/shoe of the season , more everytime i touch leather for weird reasons i have Gore images in mind that just pop up , Most of any leather i own is Vintage/hand me down/Second hand .

    Faux at-least isn't killing anything however You made me think when you mentioned symbolic behaviour . Weird no?

  12. @Anothy: I've always done this for fun , since i mostly rope in friends/family for my pictures , so i like it that way :)


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