Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY-Rick Owens Inspired Wrap

(Click On Pictures For Enlarged View)

After many un-successfully attempts i finally created my very own Rick Owens inspired wrap . I couldn't have been more happier with the results .I had been going through some of his asymmetrical designs in awe  and wondering what in the world should i do to own one of these . Thats when my brother told me , the only solution would be to take some sewing classes and it has paid of pretty well. 

For those of you remotely interested in checking the original wrap click HERE

Also if you would like to own the HANDMADE WRAP   visit my SHOP for more details .

The whole asymmetric thing is so addictive that it's given me tons of ideas.have already begun working on a dress .

Wearing Self made wrap 

 Self made Knee High's(See HERE)  

Top from Shoppers Stop 

 Rompers worn as shorts ( See HERE)
Shoes from London 


  1. i re connected to read this post heehheheh

    I LOVE YOUR DIYs!!!!!!

    i think the wrap looks best with shorts! you did it so well!

  2. Heyyy Smrithi,
    am sorry I havent been here since a while now.
    And I love the new look to the header..Great job!
    How else can I express what I think of this cool new look but by saying you are one extremely creative lady there, Smrithiji!!!! ;)

  3. Hey!! Looking great! The wrap is looking just PERFECT!!! Love d 2nd last pic....very well shot! :)

  4. love the mix and match here, romper as shorts and the socks, of course the wrap is gorgeous. Very impressive :)

  5. WOW.
    this was hawt! HONESTLY that thing suits you so so so well! :)
    LOVED THE LOOK! as usual!

  6. Love this ensemble! Good job with the vest. And the socks are cutttteeee

  7. love the colors n the attitude! very rockstarish...


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