Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mixed Tape

For some reason these pictures never made it to any post . Here's a potpourri of some snaps  inside and some out,some with pets and some with out.

Bag courtesy Neil Dantas, In detail coming up soon

Oh she never strikes a pose for the camera, for once i was able to get her in the frame

One of my favorite places in Bangalore -Sankey Tank

Vintage Obsession was featured again in "The Indian Express" read  STYLE DIARIES . Along with one of my favorite blogger friends Wear About.  
Of course with  my oldest from republic of chic
Also the girls over at "High Heel Confidential "mentioned us For your reading pleasure


  1. Gr8 angles!! and beautiful pics.

  2. Love the bag and the dogs are so adorable!

  3. Thanks Ria :)
    LahLah: they are my current favorite to :)

  4. I love you in photos 3, 4 and 6 the most!! How do you do that braid..I know the normal braid but that one which starts from the top (i hope you know what i mean because I think I'm making a fool out of myself! :P)...I don't know how to do that one...can you send me your video or something?? :)

  5. Oh cool :) its called French braiding :) its simple :) will send :)

  6. ur dogs are so cute..I love the second pic:-) and congrats on the press coverage. u totally rock!!

  7. love the first pic..super lightning effect in it.
    love the bag too :)

  8. The 2nd pic is my fave. The shirt..the scarf..the belt...the tousled frigging my thing!

    And I love the bag!

  9. Pretty pictures! The braid suits u, a lot!

  10. Just loved the last pic...Simply "ADORABLE"

  11. Love the pinafore!!! :) And also the white bag! :)

    All the doggies are ADORABLE!!!

    BTW, there is a tag waiting for you on our blog! come by and get it! :) :)

  12. Love the first 2 pictures! The bag is rocking! :) P.S. Please fix the bloglovin' No? *sad.face*

  13. I love how you play with dogs :)

    I wish i had one. And now in this blazing sun i am craving that coconut water.:(
    Do enter my contest I am doing currently on my blog.

  14. love the mumbai bag! ( saw it in Neil Dantas FB page too as suggested by u!) love the other handbag..! love the dogs.. love the outside of your house.. super love Sankey tank, and ur look in that.. well simply love every pic with u in it! :D

  15. the last photo is cute.

    It has been a long time without visiting..
    Happy Saturday!

  16. :-) you always leave a smile on my face deeps :-)
    Yeah Jingle its been a while :) good to have you back :)
    Thanks @BV

    @Tanvi , its done just click the bloglovin picture on the right side :)

    Thanks guys :)

  17. Wow! you girls are getting so famous. Congrats and i'm totally digging the first shot, great concept.
    Congratulations so happy for you'll

  18. beautiful fotos...luv all d dresses!!!

  19. love your white bag in the last stylish!!!oh and cool shots in the veggies market...hats off to yoo, for your guts to get shot in that environment!!!


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