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Colors are extremely perceptive ,Human eye perceives color in an individualistic manner, Not that pink to me looks like blue to some one else. Depends on the physics and the environment of the object in question. There is actually a whole lot of science behind it (chromatics).However the effect colors have on people are very similar  irrespective of the perception . 
Colors have always been my thing, i could never pin-point a color and say this is/was my favorite color. Something about them ,changes with moods. I could go to bed feeling like a pink person but get up being an yellow person. 

Random Trivia

Blue stands for Love, which is why brides carry/wear something blue 
The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra loved Purple. To obtain one ounce of tyrian purple ,she had her servants soak 20,000 Purpura snails for 10 days.
Hindus in India wear Yellow to celebrate the festival of spring .
Black is associated with sophistication and elegance 

The Aztecs of Mexico taught the Spanish how to make red dye by crushing insects called cochineals. Deep red looks bold, while pale red—pink—looks gentle. In the U.S., pink is now associated with girls, though before the 1920s it was considered a boy's color.
Cheerful sunny yellow gets noticed. In ancient Rome, yellow was the most popular wedding color. Yellow is sometimes worn for safety reasons: raincoats today may be bright yellow so that the wearer can be seen easily in the rain.

Does this post have a very readers digest vibe ?:-)


  1. I love colors. Period. I also can NEVER favor one single color.......the whole spectrum is my favorite! Lovely shots......are these taken by you?

  2. @Polka , yes yes by me :) it get's quiet monotonous to take pictures of just me :)

  3. me loves the trivia :) and your short glossy nails !!!!

  4. That blue chain thingy you were wearing the day we met :D right? WRONG?

  5. Thank you sulagna :)

    @Sonshu ooo too much you notice and quick :) yes yes

  6. more trivia- Hindu brides wear red cos it represents the colour of their seed. Married women wear green cos it represents the earth- flourishing, after having created new life :)

  7. Its amazing that I have been reading a lot of theories behind colors lately and I came across this posting.! :)

    Nice pics and good explanation of significance of each color..


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