Sunday, November 14, 2010

See By Chloe

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The weather here can't seem to make up it's mind. There's sudden heavy showers, then for hours it's nice and shinny ,just when i decide to take some pictures there's heavy grey overtone all of a sudden .Though i love this weather i really wish they would be a little picture friendly.
In Other news ,I met 5 readers of Vintage Obsession and a fellow Blogger in separate instances of course over the last 3 weeks was so much fun .Will try and post pictures soon.

Found these shorts at Arrow a while ago , couldn't have been more glad since they are so similar to See by Chloe collection.
Silk Scarf ,Belt from Khadi Bhandar
Shoes: Tibetian Market
Stockings Delhi


  1. LOVE the look! That scarf is just way sassy!
    ....and I LOVE the new look of the blog!!! That banner is gorgeous!!!! Totally want to copy it :)

  2. Hafta hunt in Tibetian Market yaar - Gotta do that soon!!! Love the Red Highlights look!!!

    Pls wish my Angel a Happy Married Life
    Diwali Outfit

  3. You meet me didnt yah ;) You go girl...I dont think I could pull off the tights under the shorts look though!

  4. You look very nice. I love the scarf! :)

  5. White, black & red is one of my all time fav color combos!!! And that red scarf does full justice to those AWESOME pair of shorts!!! :))

  6. Wow the shorts are amazing <3
    like the clutch combination, a dash of red :))
    cool yet elegant overall
    thumbs up!

  7. Love the look Smrithi! And you are looking hot, have you lost weight?!?!

  8. Tanvii wish i did , i was actually wondering if the post Diwali gift(Some pounds) is visible but you kind of made my day :)

  9. Geeeeeeee!!
    WE MET. :D



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