Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Not So Little Black Dress

When there is an impending event i have tons of ideas in my head about what i'm going to wear . Then i go out hunting for something similar but almost always don't find anything.This means no matter how inspired i'am by the end of the day what's there in my wardrobe is what matters.

However this Diwali i didn't want this cycle to continue so decided to make a dress much before the "What to Wear" pangs  . I had this elaborate drapped dress in my mind which i couldn't translate on paper very well and my tailor doesn't do telepathy. So i finally came up with a simpler design .The dress turned out to be exactly as it was on paper.

wearing self made dress, peeptoes from a local store, pendent worn as a broach and gold headband

I was supposed to post it weeks ago when i actually wore this for a Diwali party but during NOV-DEC in Bangalore the habit of procrastination sets in thanks to the weather . Makes you hit the snooze button all day long ,but i'm not complaining .

This dress is for sale , check my SHOP for more details , Only 3 pieces available .


  1. Ooh la la!!! This LBD (Long Black Dress) is simply GORGEOUS babe!!!!! The cowls in the skirt are tres chic! Awesome one, I must say!! Also, love the gold highlights with black....PERFECT!! :)

    P.S.-Is the material jersey???

  2. first pic is awesome !!!
    dress simply rocks...draping is v nice.. but i wish it was a long floor-sweeping gown !!!

  3. Loves it! Like the hair as well doll ;) xo

  4. wow I am a fan of everything self made here, this is wonderful. Esp loved the first image!

  5. Thanks you guys :)

    @Polka yes it is , But it's technically called viscous lycra :)

  6. Is this Ali? I think I HAVE to meet him this weekend

  7. Wow...Never seen a dress of this kind..Fresh and a rocking creation! :)

  8. @nIDHI , NO this ain't him :) but you should meet him he's done some pretty good stuff for me

  9. wow, you made that? That is incredible!


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