Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Win A Pair Of Ugg Boots

Winter is upon us and nothing like winning a very handy pair of Ugg boots . Being the Boots fanatic that i'am had to share this awesome chance of owning a pair with you . Wooga Boots is hosting a giveaway at there website and all you have to do  is sign up to their Newsletter "HERE" Or follow them on Twitter . 

However If you feel like buying one right away. They are offering a  special discount for the readers of Vintage Obsession . Just type in the code 751INDIA for 10 % off .


  1. Warm boots are a must for winter, now it's still fall but already really really cold!
    I just bought Timberland sheepskin boots, so comfy and warm!

  2. *you got me hooked on UGG* These are to die for. Im sure I can find a way to wear it without looking common. :)

  3. Unfortunately they are an overkill for Indian winters.


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