Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shall We Dance

A friend i was with spotted Tharak Xavier ,She  thought we spotted choreographer Terrance Lewis . However the weirdest coincidence Tharak  is actually a choreographer himself who conducts dance classes here in Bangalore and he says he's been dancing all his life . When asked what he specialize's  in he said everything under the sun .How cool is that now .Runs his own dance studio called Shadow Zone ,exactly where we spotted him .  Has participated in Dance premier league which happened to be a dance reality show on Sony Tv and now is one of the finalist's in another dance reality show called Dhee. Hoping he wins .

Something extremely distinctive about artist's(Of any kind) and there way of expressing themselves . I loved what he did with his hair , the orange cell phone he was carrying  and the eye brow piercing peek-aa-boo-ing from the hair.


  1. Love this guy's hair..........wish I could do d same with not very sure as to how it'd look on me! Like his sense of style too.......u r absolutely right about an artist being expressing himself just the way he likes!!!

  2. dancers have their own 'very very attractive' style of dressing , apparent from this guy's dressing too :D

    i LOVE dancers

    i so am gonna go check out his classes :D I LOVE DANCEEE any type! and he sort of looks like terrence from probably a distance :D LOVED the way he's dressed up!
    AND Yes, i know ive seen him in DPL :D


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