Monday, November 22, 2010

Vashi's Jean Shack

A lot of my readers are constantly writing to me about sharing some interesting shopping hangouts in the city.So here's what I've decided to do feature all  the interesting stores i come across.

Introducing Vashi's Jean shack . The only store where in just about 10 mins time you can walkout with that perfect jeans. Finding a good pair of jeans  can be such a challenge untill you visit Vashi's of course.

The brains behind the store and the story itself

Mr Vashi Lakhani started Vashi's sometime during the 70's ,they started stitching jeans and later progressed to a full fledge store sometime around 85 . It's about 26 years old. Now the store is a pretty little family affair with Mr Vashi's son Tarun and his wife Dina running it as well. 

As soon as you walk into the store you cannot help but notice the wall , yes thats right not the jeans but the walls , Some interesting wall art adorns the walls . I have always wanted to know the history behind it . Tarun says that in 2002 when the store was renovated girls from Mount Carmel college who were also regulars at the store thought the walls were too plain and white, so they started writing what they thought about the store, the jeans   but sooner anybody who bought a pair of jeans would pen their thoughts on the walls . So it was basically a feed back sorta thing but on the walls.

Below are just some of the pictures , there are so many interesting and hilarious things written you could actually amuse yourself while shopping. The writing's inside the changing rooms as well and most of the time i'm so fascinated that instead of trying the jeans on i sit there and read all the stuff .

                                    On a busy day Tarun and Dina ,took some time off            to answer a few questions .

Some interesting number boards , yes it seems like i'm more fascinated by the interiors. Lets just talk about the jeans  now.

They have all kinds of brands and fit .There's Pepe, Spykar , D&G , Diesel, Replay, Hawk, Dragon , Recap.The range begins  from 695 Rs and can go up-to 4000 RS. You can walk into the store throw tantrums about the fit and guess what they'll have it, If it's not available then they find the closest fit and customize  it for you right there according to your needs . 

I found a pair of Calvin Klein jacket here and it's my favorite till date. Jeans and some assorted stuff is what you should expect here. 
The store has a very warm vibe, probably because each and every customer is bestowed with personal attention here.

For all the guys who write to me about doing something for them as well , here is a  beginning .They have jeans for both guys n girls . 

Where is it located ? 
ON Commercial Street .Krishnaveni complex,Bangalore
Store timings : Mon-Sun 9:Am to 10 Pm 
You can find them on FaceBook as well Vashi's Jean Shack

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I'm a big fan of the independent stores , thanks to the mall culture they are soon vanishing . the independent stores have so much character and history behind them . If any of you know such a store do write to me at


  1. The store sure looks interesting....I'll surely visit it next time am in Bangalore!!! :)

  2. I am absolutely an independent store person.

    And I am in dire need of some jeans. And its in commercial, which is not far away from where I live.


  3. this luks like sucha cool hitting d store dis weekend \/

  4. Gonna check it out for sure on my next trip to B'lore!!!
    Office Outfit - 20


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