Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I bought these from a local designer , almost everything in my wardrobe that's vintage is from this particular store . The person/designer who sold them to me made these about 20 years ago.Strange are the ways of artists they create something beautiful but don't really care about sharing them with the world . He was cleaning his studio/store for diwali when he found these tucked away somewhere in the attic. He knows how i like helping him clean up his store so he promptly calls me. 

P.S my mother discovered this store for me about 2 years ago, almost 3 months  after that was when i visited the store because it's this dingy little place and gave out you really wouldn't find anything kinda vibe. However my persistent mother's persistence has paid off so well, now i visit the studio at least once in two weeks


  1. what is the name of the studio.?

  2. I second that question...& also the location!

    The overalls are so cool....specially like the rolled-up hem of the legs!! :)
    And that red neckpiece & the clutch is soooo you!!! :))

  3. how fun! and the sun still shines sans the cold winter wind... like how you've worn that bracelet midway between the wrist n the elbow:)

  4. @PAllavani : that cracked me up :)

    @polka, Sona I don't really remember the name I call the old man shop because the designer who runs it is an old man :)

    L1L2 ,Mitr :Thank you :))

  5. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look sexayyy!! I envy you your long torso, that's why jumpsuits look so good on you.

    LOVE the red necklace and the red wall. You look really hot! I love ths look!


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