Sunday, October 23, 2011


Have you met Ms Quirky ! my first purchase in Pune .I read about this brand called Quirk Box and how it was the brain child of Jayesh Sachdeva a designer originally hailing from Pune . Wrote to them asking where I can score these and went hunting . They are incredible and go with half my wardrobe .You'll be seeing a lot of this jacket for a while.
P.S Leaving to Bangalore tomorrow and I'am super excited since I have a nice road trip for 5 days planned with  brother dearest .


  1. I LOVE your jacket,bag and shoes.Absolutely delighted by their kitsch.

  2. I've eyed this jacket lots of times before......have you picked it up from Bliss? Coz I saw it in Bliss in Pune... :)

    Loving your bag & shoes too! Have fun on the trip!!

  3. Love the jacket.. pretty cool.. hey where did you get those shorts from? I so want something like it, but can't find it anywhere :(

  4. @confused soul : the shorts are from Allen Solly, scored them during there most recent sale ,but check Benetton they also have some really good options

    @Polka yeah their from Bliss , you were in Pune ?:)

    @Arundhati & Gunjan : Thanks :)

  5. pakka..will definitely check it out :)...thanks!!


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