Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Meet Bruno the photographer from Mozambique ,Vintage Obsession will be collaborating with his brand called as GENRE in terms of photography . Bruno has been living in Pune for the last three years and is a huge fashion enthusiast ,loves to sketch and used be a fashion designer back home .What got me really excited was Bruno speaks Spanish and my first thought was I actually have a real Spaniard to practice my Spanish with .These are some of his pictures for more you should check is Tumblr account  .GENRE

P.S up next will be the first shoot we did together , in fact my first shoot in Pune out doors and I've been living here for for 7 months .

P.P.S Soon after will be bombarding this space with all my road trip pictures that I'am currently enjoying .
Happy Diwali to all :-)


  1. Same to you!Yeah,his dressing sense is amazing,I can see it already!And you know Spanish!WOW!How cool is that?Can't wait for the outdoor pictures!Happy belated Diwali to you too.

  2. Cool Looks


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