Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love Form

Of late I'm always looking for something interesting to bring back home ,when I stumbled upon I was incredibly happy .They have some amazing lights .The Designs are so neat and classy ,some origami some made of cane strips , brass (screams out antique ) it's brilliant  . I can see them hanging ,lying at every corner in my house .The best part is you can purchase them online . total ogle worthy .Considering Diwali is just around the corner ,would be an ideal time to get them home .


  1. These lamps are lovely!
    I love everything brass :D

    When Geek Met Chic

  2. Such beautiful pieces!Brass is my favorite too.

  3. listen listen..i found an awesoem shoe/bag shop in camp...o must must visit.its in clover the basement...last shop right in the centre..and i ahve forgotten the you get down to the basement, tak eyour left and keep wlaking till you rech the last shop...and yes i wnat to meet up before my office begins next month..have to have to meet you to make up for my super social welcome of my blogger friend inthe new city !!

  4. Sulagna aren't you the sweetest will certainly check this place out like soonish :) yes yes meeting is pending :)

  5. I love those lamps, especially the last one.
    Fashion Jewelry


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