Sunday, October 2, 2011


 Got a tiny Apartment for myself and the only real pieces of furniture i own is the rocking chair and the mirror.Considering I don't have a TV i'am always where my chair is supposed to face .
Apart from that bought a couple of small stools from a second hand furniture store after sand papering it painted them in electric blue oil paint .Got a big tin coz I didn't know how much I'll need now I'am left with what feels like gallons.So I've been painting anything and everything .


  1. charming! that was the first word that came to my mind! :-)

  2. the apartment looks cozy .. and you look great as usual...

  3. Well...Nice obsession is all what I can say
    God bless,

    Shravan S
    Exclusive Private Shopping Club

  4. Hi , this should be the last place to ask you this, but i am new in Bangalore and looking for a place to move in... are u willing to share your apartment ?? if not are u aware of someone who would want to share theres ??


  5. hey show us more pics of your cozy apartment and i love the blue stool its so inspirational..


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