Thursday, August 4, 2011

National Day@Singapore

Without even planning for this trip i realized that I'm in Singapore at the right time of the year. Singaporeans are gearing up to celebrate  their National Day, which basically means that the whole place is on sale .Walk into any store and you'll see pretty much everything in the store after discounts  is between 10$ to 50$ . This means I'm like a kid in a candy store for 10 whole days .Will be quite difficult not to blow up my entire years shopping budget in one go.


  1. seductively charming show stopper!!

  2. Wow girl! When did you land up in Singapore!!! I envy you all that shopping! :)

  3. Lucky you!And your hair is so freaking awesome!And you loo so hip in black!Keep it up.:-)And keep us posted.

  4. I like this post and I enjoyed reading it. I love your dress; I think wearing that was very comfortable.

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