Thursday, August 11, 2011

VO on the Roof

I'am back and must say a little sad  coz I was really hoping the vacation wouldn't have a conclusion.
However I do have a lot of pictures to share , In other exciting news I'am going to in Bangalore this long weekend cannot wait to see my dogs and all my favorite people.
These pictures are basically What-I-Wore the 3rd day when I took the city tour bus and went round and round for 5 hours , just didn't feel like getting off .


  1. I'm wanting to be on a vacation and dreading the end of it already! :)

  2. Wish my bus rides were as peaceful and comfy! And your red mango pants're my current obsession.Super cool!

  3. love the white n red combination, red trousers can never go wrong i feel

    the last shot is gorgeous

  4. not good not bad, i liked second pic


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