Monday, August 1, 2011


Currently on a long vacation in Singapore , this hopefully should explain my laziness towards the blog.  So much to see ,eat and experience cannot wait to tell my stories about the  place .I'am currently staying at North Bridge, High Street Road if any of you readers are around do drop by :-) Until then see you guys soonish


  1. have an mazing vacation just thirsting like anything for a vacation....but!!!...not yet!!!!

    love your casual but rocker look in the pic!!!

  2. Wow!You went to Singapore for a vacation!That's so freaking awesome!And your skin looks so fresh!And so do your legs!Would've loved a full length picture with those black beauties you had on.

  3. Singapore is in my Top 3 countries to live! I used to live/work here and visit regularly!
    You look cute!


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