Sunday, August 14, 2011

Color Cordinated

The red pair of trousers was making too much of an appearance here so i decided it was time for the world to say hello to my new white jeans ,well new only only in terms of the blog .
Had a nice lazy day at home in Bangalore ,going through some home decor ideas which my place back in Pune is urgently in need of . I hate the fact that the place is so empty right now that it echos kind of fun initially but it's getting a little creepy now .I found tons of interesting things that can be done to spice up the house without having to empty my traveling funds,I'm thinking of posting a few here as well .All the things that can be done and pictures of whatever little I'm going to be doing.

P.S I'm wearing lace shoes , is wondering if I'm ever going to get over my lace love.


  1. Such refreshing colors you are soothing to the eyes! :)

    P.S.: Loving the windows!!

  2. Love the blouse.And this white pair is great but I kinda fell in love with the red ones.I could've lusted over them for a decade!I already miss them!:-(
    Anyway,back to this post,love the windows.They accessorize your outfit with bright pop of colors so well!

  3. lovely post.. love the look you are sporting.. love the location..

  4. Love the location and i like what your wearing in your neck! <3

  5. The colourful windows make a stunning backdrop against your olive shirt which I absolutely love.Close-up of the lace shoe would have been such a great add on.

    I'm getting a new room myself so looking forward to your decor post.

  6. oh i do like these white pants and the colorful background is perfect too. i also have lace flats that i wear all the time.

  7. Thanks you guys :-)

    Close up of the lace shoes coming up and the mango trousers haven't disappeared :)


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