Monday, September 12, 2011

And Then I go And Spoil It All

Just got from an impromptu trip from Mumbai . The sad news is I lost all the pictures I took of me ,people ,random people/things .(Read) a stupid Picassa mistake.I know this will me make sad in the later part of my morning coz right now I'm too tired to be bothered .So until I find time to click new pictures which would only be next week end ,I've decided to dig into my Singapore archives as there were so many pictures to be posted and stories to be told.


  1. Oh No... That's so sad.... :(
    And yeah, your top looks fab...
    Maid of Honor - Mehendi

  2. Awesome jacket! And love the way you've worn it too!! <3

  3. Love the jacket!!! You are looking stunning

  4. I love your jacket! Where is this from?


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