Saturday, September 24, 2011


A couple of weeks ago S-Oliver invited me to visit there store which opened in a brand new mall here in Pune .Since it was a weekday and I couldn't get out of work ,Kanu Priya of S Oliver arranged for me to go to Mumbai and visit the store in Mallad at the in Infinity mall on a Saturday. I must say it turned out to be such a fun Saturday , as soon as I reached the store a brief introduction about the store happened .After which I wandered about the store for about an hour ,If not the for the 6 month shopping ban I'am being subjected to by my most important sponsor  read elder brother , would have bought at-least 2 blazers/Boy Friend jackets a dress and a really pretty blue romper from the store. Pune people the S-Oliver stores are In Jewel Square (KP) and Phoenix Market City . It's totally worth making a trip this weekend. So go check them out . 
P.S Bangaloreans will have to wait bit longer I Guess !!

The Lovely Kanu Priya from S-Oliver


  1. Great collection!One more reason added to the list 'Why do you want to do your MBA from a B school in Mumbai only'.;-)

  2. Love S.Oliver although the collections at Chennai are very less. Waiting for a store to open here instead of a rented section in Lifestyle.


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