Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lacey Shirt


The D&G lace shirt was something i had been lusting for a while. After innumerable failed attempts on E-Bay to score the original. I decided to make one for myself . Now we are inseparable,have been living in them ever since.

Wearing self made lace shirt, printed dress from lifestyle worn as a top.Maxi skirt from Marks& Spenser's. LaceUp boots: Dubai Plaza

P.S Lace Shirt will be available in Vintage Obsession Shop shortly :)


  1. Nothing screams glamour & grace as lace does!! What a beautiful shirt you've got made dear!Awesome piece to have in the wardrobe.... :)

  2. I just happened to discover your blog today and i am so glad :D
    you certainly have an incredible style that is highly individualistic and i so love your blog!
    I am going to follow up regularly now..

  3. i am always amazed how ur able to do all these things urself! :)

  4. Its boooootiful!!! Can't believe I missed this yesterday. I would've made you take it off and taken it home with me :P

  5. i love the lace shirt1 i cnt blv u made it!!

  6. i think you should have gone with more feminine shoes :)
    the shirt is really pretty though.
    But i don't agree with how you've put together the outfit :)

  7. Love Lace. :)
    and hats off to you for making it yourself!
    more importantly, I'm here for the 'slight push' about the hair cut . ;)
    haha ... Go for it!! :)


  8. Such unique style! I love the shirts & especially the lace one in the ensemble.



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