Monday, January 17, 2011

Gafas De Sol

One of the first words i learnt in Spanish was sunglasses- Gafas De Sol probably because it's one of my all time favorite accessory.I can confidently say it triumphs my love for shoes as well . For whatever reasons it's highly underrated in a tropical country like ours.

The right pair enhances the shape of the face, so before heading out to buy a pair it's a good idea to determine  face shape
Oval face looks best in a pair slightly angled over the frame as the cheeks are emphasized. I personally think it's people with Oval shaped face who can be carefree while buying a pair,due to symmetry of the face almost everything looks good.
 Oblong shaped faces, where the forehead, cheeks, jaw are roughly of the same width. It's best to choose a pair that shortens the length and gives an impression of width to the face . Round or square shaped ones are best suited.
Round shaped faces (cheeks are the widest) It's ideal to buy a pair that gives an illusion of length. Angular designs or double brow is best suited , aviators works best .
Square/Rectangular shaped faces look best in a pair with curved edges like classic ovals, rounded frames,cat eye sunglasses works well.
If triangle is the shape broad forehead and narrow Jaw line can be easily balanced with a pair with rimless bottoms or aviators would to just fine.

So how many pairs do you plan on buying during all the sale hullabaloo ?


  1. I own an obscene number of them so let's not talk about that but you look awesome in all the pictures! Waiting for that msg you were gonna send though? :)

  2. ooh-la-la-la!! gorgeous as ever!

  3. I love your collection girl!!! I've got my eyes on a pair of sexy red wayfarers from Police......let's see when I give in to my temptation!!! :)

  4. Thank you :)
    @ANupriya : i think i know what your talking about , It's quite yummy :)


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