Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yellow Button

On my recent visit to Bangalore Yellow Button Store was something i had intended to visit . I must say it was absolutely worth fitting it in my jam packed schedule that was planned out for the 2 days I was there . 
On a Monday morning i decided to drop by the the store after all the re-scheduling that happened .I was  glad Madhavi Rongala  the owner of the store and I had an interesting meeting at the store.

If your looking for a place that's not all about the Kitsch but a fun and right combination of classy plus a little punk then Yellow Button just happens to be that place . Madhavi says it was a conscious effort because she didn't want the store to be just another place that houses Kitsch.The Boutique houses a mixture of colours which are splashed on clothes , bags , flip-flops,Basket Bags  .

The store is sort of hidden on the first floor of a small lane in Indranagar.However it's quite a discovery once you have found it .At-least for people who are all about swanky independent stores 

The Changing room .Fancy!!

The store houses variety of labels from NGO's to small independent artists /designers  and some big names .
All items in the store are personally handpicked by Madhavi  herself , only piece in question doesn't suite her style is when it would find itself a place in the store is what she says.
Madhavi from the Yellow Button 
(pic  :mybangalore )

What to Expect ?
Tailor made one of it's kind dresses. 
Basket Bags , Flip-Flops , clutches, scarfs , Assorted jewelery pieces.
Small but very use full home decor pieces,Chumbak products, cushion covers  . 
Price Range : 100 Rs to 6000 Rs 

How to Get there ?


  1. These selections are beautiful :)

  2. I like this post a lot. I will definitely be back

  3. looks like an interesting store!
    it's kind of funny how the best stores are usually the best kept secrets!

  4. this collection is fantastic!Iagree,the truly great designers aren't in the spotlight with the so called factionists. hay I really appreciate your blog. I really love your collection. i love all photos but most I love first photo i love her bag. Out fills look very beautiful and crative...
    Hostess torino


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