Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Things

Wore the broach as a neck Tie on a formal day and acted like it's totally work-like for the whole day .

RituKumar over size clutch .Can carry my whole world .Found a matching ring in FabIndia.

Now one of them is hanging inside my closet 

  Orange hand made shoes with pink lace

Also I did a small Interview with Smashion , wasn't feeling all talkative that day Hence the one-liners
Catch the full interview here SMASHION INTERVIEW


  1. I love the look. You totally own it!

  2. Love the second shot with and and the ring and the clutch!

  3. love the look.. nice idea to wear the brooch as a necktie..

  4. i am loving the "formal tie" :)

  5. That brooch is such a genius idea and those shoes are just too cute!

  6. wearing the brooch as necktie is great!!..loving it on you...the clutch is great!!!!!

    and the shoes are awesome!!

  7. Excellent post. Very nice pictures of a very attractive woman and very nice idea to wear the brooch as a necktie.
    agenzia modelle milano

  8. Post-dated,not related but which lipstick are you wearing in this picture?Please do reply!
    And,I love that ring,clutch and the cutesy purple nails :).


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