Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am leaving on a jet plane

Hey guys ,taking a break from blogging for about 10 days. Will be leaving for Delhi and then to Rajastan.Will be back with loads of pictures. Hasta Pronto :)

The Week So Far

These Pictures

Because it feels so nice and nostalgic when old pictures randomly pop out of some old book:)

P.S Ruu thats us on the right ,graduation night(10 grade)! Yeah its been 8 years since :)

This Post

Because it was such an innovative invite for the members only sale at the Shoppers Stop!

This Desert

Because i had this for dinner tonight :)

& was wearing this

These Bags

Because all my bags are packed and i am ready to go :)


  1. Enjoy your trip dear!


  2. even i got the shoppers stop invite. its so cute and different!
    anyways, "BON VOYAGE!" (i have just started to learn french :p. will have to bear with me.)

  3. Oh.......we have same pinch...

    Even i am leaving on jet plane-----john denver.....My favorite..

    Have a nice journey...


  4. i liek the simplicity of the bag!! ;D makes it look classy and vintage! gawddd, i need a suitcase of my own soon! =]

  5. have a safe trip! love your first piece of luggage :)

  6. Oh wow.. Have a lovely trip.. Waiting to see all the lovely pics..

    By the way.. you should have taken an extra case.. there is so much to buy in Delhi & Rajasthan..

  7. heyii shruts,my frst time on your blog and the fact tat i am blogrolling you shows i looveedd the red shoes,the black stocking with the tiny red details,the grey dress with polka dots,the painting in yellow on the fourescent green waals...see what i mean

  8. Have fun on your trip! It has been so long since I have gone to India but I hope to go back very soon! :)

  9. I really hope that your trip is going well!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I apreciate it!

  10. Nice bags. Hope you had a wonderful trip.


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